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The most frequently asked questions and their answers

menstrual pads

Why do you only accept individually wrapped menstrual pads?

You can donate one pad, a few or an entire pack.  Before your donation reaches the person in need, it will be handled by several people.

The only way for us to guarantee hygiene is to only accept individualy wrapped menstrual pads.

menstrual cup

Why not encourage the use of a menstrual cup?

In our daily life, a menstrual cup is handy, ecofriendly and less expensive in the long term.  However, for a person living in precarious conditions it is not self-evident to empty, rinse, wash, sterilize and preserve the cup in hygienic conditions.  Lack of regular access to water and satisfactory hygienic conditions complicate the use of the cup.

We have considered this option and for these reasons decided against distributing menstrual cups.


Why are there no tampons in the BruZelle bags?

For most of us, a tampon is an interesting alternative to menstrual pads, but for a woman living in precarity, especially being homeless, it is not that easy. Being homeless often leads to a loss of the time concept.  A tampon that does not get changed regularly can lead to toxic shock. 

Our grassroot partners therefore advise BruZelle not to distribute them.