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Do you want to join the fight against menstrual poverty? These are a few ways in which you can help BruZelle succeed.

donate menstrual pads and fabric

You can donate menstrual pads in one of the BruZelle collecting points. The pads are taken out of the pack and put into the fabric bags.

For hygienic reasons, you can only donate individually wrapped menstrual pads! We do not accept tampons or menstrual cups  (read the  FAQ page if you’d like to know why)

You can also donate fabric, which we use to make bags for ditributing the menstrual pads.

The fabric does not have to be new, simply clean, without stains or too much wear.  We have a preference for bright colors, in cheerful motifs.

This fabric will be handed out to the workshops and volunteers who turn it into bags.

host a donation box

You can host a donation box at your home, office, association, sports club or at an event. By doing so, you help us, permanently or sporadically, collect menstrual pads and fabric.

On the page collecting points you’ll find the tutorial explaining how to install a BruZelle donation box.

The team of BruZelle will contact you to fix a time and place to collect your precious harvest.

become a liaison person

The liaison persons are an indispensable addition to the collecting points, especially in areas where BruZelle doesn’t yet have a permanent collecting station.

As a liaison person, you accept the donations of menstrual pads and fabric, at the time and location which suit you.  Then you hold on to them until a team member of BruZelle comes to fetch them.

link BruZelle to your events

Would you like to link BruZelle to your charity, private, professional, cultural or sports event?  You can ask participants to donate menstrual pads and fabric, or raise money.

At your request, a team member of BruZelle can give a presentation about our organisation.

become a volunteer

Your time is the most precious gift. BruZelle regularly needs volunteers to assist our crew with different tasks, all indispensable for the smooth running of our operations.

Please get in touch.

spread the word

You are our best ambassadors!  Word of mouth is still the most effective way to promote an organisation.

Share your concern about menstrual poverty with family, friends and colleagues. 

Share our site, like and share our Facebook page.

join our workshops

We would love to welcome you in one of our workshops.  Together, in a positive ambiance, we fill the bags with menstrual pads. At the same time, we create community and a dialogue on menstrual poverty and precarity in general.

Workshops are being organised year round.  The dates are announced on Facebook and on the agenda of this website.

sew fabric bags

Do you have a sewing machine?  You can help us make the fabric bags, in which we put the menstrual pads.

You do not have the material?  No worries, the team of BruZelle brings you what you need (in as far as our stock allows) and picks up your creations at the time and place that suit you best.  You can also collect fabric in our office during opening hours.

On the page documents you will find a tutorial in the form of a comic showing you the steps and sizes.

Do you want to facilitate a sewing workshop? We gladly place our Brussels headquarters at your disposal and will lend a hand with the practicalities of organising a workshop.

financial support

BruZelle has the aspiration to respond to every request.

Unfortunately the demand can exceed our donations.  When this happens, your financial support allows us to stock up so the distribution is not compromised.  Your gifts also contribute to the operating costs of our association.

A donation as from €40 is tax-deductible. Due to the corona pandemic the federal government has decided to increase the deductibility rate from 45% to 60%.

Our audited annual account are published in full transparency on Donorinfo. Donorinfo is an independent body that analyses the accounts and functioning of organisations. Full information can be found on the website

Gifts are welcome on the BruZelle bank account:

IBAN : BE91 0689 3345 5376

communication: “Donation” or “Monthly donation”